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About Us

At Akoma foods we specialise in the import and distribution of wholefoods and ingredients from Africa, Malaysia and America.

We source our products direct from farmers, cooperative and manufacturers. Our products are free from animal ingredients and 100% Natural and organic ideally suited to most diets including vegetarian and kosher diets. Our products are free from hydrogenated fats, GMO's, Cholesterol, artificial colours and preservatives.

Akoma distributes for various brands in the UK as well as promoting its own range of products worldwide and holds exclusive contracts for Carotino golden palm and village fresh products in the UK.


Poverty erasure for producers in developing countries and a growing awareness about the link between ethical sourcing, local production at developed world standards is informing how we, at Akoma, are playing a critical role, from a business point of view. Our objective has been to evolve into a company that builds in ethical value from source, into product and through our supply chain relationships. "Our co-operatives in various parts of Ghana process and produce our flour and Palm Oil products,"

Besides focusing on the quality of ingredients and processes, we are conscious of the need to ensure people grow and enjoy an equitable relationship with us. Our view was and continues to be that with a profitable business our aim is to make life comfortable for local communities we are involved with in the UK and worldwide. We have and continue to work with our local partners to facilitate strong social structure that re-invests in the local society and infrastructure in a way that makes their products sustainable, profitable, not exploitative of grower, producer and consumer.


Supplychain management is simply the management of upstream and downstream relationships with suppliers and customers to deliver superior customer value at a low cost to the supply-chain as a whole. Akoma operates and manages an integrated supply-chain allowing customers receive their products

At the right time
At the right quantity
At the right quality
At the right price


Akoma works together with its suppliers While this seems a simple idea, it is highly successful in driving down total costs and improving quality. It also creates an environment that encourages innovation and speeds products to market very effectively.


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